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Cloud Digital Business Process & Automation System

Automate your process and forms to 100% digital via one of the world-best digital forms and business process automation software.

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Reduce Business Process Processing Time

OSPROV helps companies and organizations expedite and improve approval process by simplifying and automating mundane tasks of reviewing and approving applications. This in turn will increase efficiency of day-to-day operations.


Improve Quality

By integrating internal and external reviewer in one seamless application, OSPROV helps to improve the quality of each submission and application by reducing human errors and manual work.


Full Automation

With OSPROV AI-driven scoring methodology, we help companies reduce manpower effort to validate application based on criteria and scoring rules. This will increase accuracy and minimize human intervention.


100% paperless and online solution

Our end-to-end online solution is available 24/7 and can be access anywhere, anytime using any devices to ease your stakeholders whether applicants, reviewers or approvers. Everything can be done online without needing to manually print anything and we hope we can save the environment along the way.


Business continuity guaranteed at any situation

With our cloud and online solution, we ensure that business-continuity policy and processes is in place to ensure your business will run uninterrupted regardless of the situation. You can rest assured that all your data and information is stored securely with our state of the art encryption to ensure peace of mind.


Full visibility and tracking

OSPROV provides full transparent audit trail for the entire end-to-end process from submission, review, and approval. This provides transparency and accountability and ensures full visibility for companies to analyze and improve their processes efficiency over time.


Dynamic online form support most type of attachment for supporting document

We give you the flexibility to create dynamic forms easily that can be customized based on your business needs to ensure that you can unlock value from OSPROV quickly. We provide support for most attachments as supporting documents to meet your business requirements.

Integrated meeting and minutes approval solution

Our unique Integrated Meeting features help companies to organize meetings including meeting minutes documentation, approval, all centralized in one place. Every decision in the meeting can be recorded for future reference. With this handy-feature, meeting can be held anytime and anywhere with tracking and visibility. Meeting invites can even be sent automatically and attendance can be recorded automatically by the system.

Automatic criteria-based scoring method

Our unique criteria-based scoring method helps the reviewer and approver to get the right information in making a decision. Taking this overdrive, our clients can use our optional AI-driven engine to analyze all the data available based on historical information and future trends of applications and submissions and derive the best case scoring method.

Full audit history of approval

Each submission and approval will be tracked automatically to give a full history of the application even after organizational changes of applicant/approver. We take this further and tracked all changes of transactions for easier access to audit history. Our audit logs are stored using Block-Chain technology to ensure that the information cannot be tampered by any means.

Interactive dashboard and reporting

We provide out-of-the-box readily built Dashboard to give a Holistic View and Analysis of the approval process in your organization. With flexible reporting features, we can help companies to further analyze details and can zoom-in even to the actual submission and application.

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