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& Automation System

Automate your process and forms to 100% digital via one of the
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OSPROV gives your organization a platform to make custom process flows and forms that can automate your everyday tasks, making things run smoother. It is a cloud application software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere through any devices.

Automate your routine business processes

Automate a wide range of tasks that involve forms, such as employee onboarding, expense reports, customer feedback surveys, inventory tracking, and event registrations. The potential use cases are incredibly diverse.

Accessible anytime, anywhere
No programming knowledge needed
Support variety of use cases

Build custom
form in minutes

Access to a comprehensive set of online tools for creating professional forms. Our form builder is equipped with a wide range of features, spanning from fundamental to advanced functionality.

Drag & Drop Form Builder
Visual Form Editor
Fully customizable

Create workflows that do what your business need

Convert your manual business processes into automated workflow with our workflow builder. Custom coding is rarely needed.

Custom interactive builder
Conditional logic
Various process steps available for selection

Build customized dashboard for your organization

Empower your organization with the capability to construct personalized dashboards using OSPROV’s dedicated dashboard creation tool. Craft tailored data visualizations and insights to precisely fit your organizational needs and objectives.

Diverse range of chart types
Create as many dashboard as you need
Control data visibility and selection by authorization

Powerful & flexible user management

Experience the strength and versatility of our user management system. Seamlessly control and adapt user access and permissions to suit your unique requirements, ensuring a robust and adaptable user experience.

Compatible with the majority of SSO solutions.
Flexible role management
Straightforward user and role migration

Integrate with external system

Exchange data with a variety of services and systems. OSPROV leverages APIs and hooks
to tailor functionality, enabling the creation of custom steps to enhance your business processes.

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Features and benefits

Full visibility and tracking

OSPROV provides full transparent audit trail for the entire end-to-end process from submission, review, and approval. This provides transparency and accountability and ensures full visibility for companies to analyze and improve their processes efficiency over time.

Dynamic online form

We give you the flexibility to create dynamic forms easily that can be customized based on your business needs to ensure that you can unlock value from OSPROV quickly. We provide support for most attachments as supporting documents to meet your business requirements.

Extend easily with custom development

Extend and customize OSPROV with APIs and hooks to surpass your goals. Tailor functionality and create custom steps for endless possibilities. Embrace customization and let OSPROV work for you in ways you never imagined.

Interactive dashboard and reporting

We provide out-of-the-box readily built Dashboard to give a Holistic View and Analysis of the approval process in your organization. With flexible reporting features, we can help companies to further analyze details and can zoom-in even to the actual submission and application.

Detailed reporting

Comprehensive reports provide insights into the duration of each task, identifying potential bottlenecks in advance, thus preventing them from becoming problematic.

Dedicated support

From assisting with the implementation process to providing real-time troubleshooting support, our aim is to provide personalized assistance every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions

Got any more question? Email us at hi@osprov.com

No. Our pricing is inclusive of cloud hosting fees for your peace of mind.

Yes. We understand some of our clients might have certain policy on how their data is hosted, therefore we provide that option as well. However, the pricing will still be the same and the hardware/own hosting cost will be borne by the customer.

If you have manual forms that need to be digitalized, and the forms go through several process like review, approval or processing, then that is a very good use case for you to use OSPROV to digitalized your business process.

Congratulations! It means that you are really serious in digitalizing your organization. However, you will soon realize that while ERP can handle most of your backoffice processes (such as Procurement, Finance, HR etc). There are some process that is not catered by ERP. You can use OSPROV to bridge this gap, and more importantly, using OSPROV, you can integrate this ‘niche’ business process into your main ERP process! Imagine the efficiency you will gain!

Congratulations! Intention and will is the most important step in embarking on your digitalization journey. We at OSPROV will definitely help you in your journey using our robust digitalization platform. Our pricing also provide free 30-mandays to provide the handholding that you need to digitalize your business process.

Using Google Forms is one step in your digitalization journey. However, if you want to do more, for example there are various steps like review process, approval process, integration with other systems, reporting etc, then using Google Forms is not enough. That’s where our competitively priced OSPROV comes in!